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The following lists all advertised planning permit applications in the City of Yarra.

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Council ReferenceProposalAddressAdv Completion
PLN21/0915Section 57A amendment to the plans to show the following changes: - Front setback of the first floor extension increased from 5.71 metres to 6.77 metres - Front setback of the roof terrace increased from 9.3 metres to 9.9 metres - Setback of roof terrace from the eastern title boundary increased from 2.2 metres to 3.2 metres - Incorporation of a gabled roof at the front of the first floor, reducing the east and west wall heights from 7.3 metres to 6.6 metres - deletion of the planter boxes around the edge of the roof terrace17 Montgomery St Richmond VIC 312113/10/2022
PLN21/0993Construction of a ground floor extension and outbuilding to the existing dwelling at No. 3 Foulkes Street, Alphington.3 Foulkes St Alphington VIC 307810/10/2022
PLN22/0120Alterations to the existing buildings and the construction of an eleven storey, mixed use building (with associated basement and plant equipment levels), use as office (no permit required) and food and drink premises (permit required) & retail, tree removal, a reduction of the standard car parking and alterations to access to a road in a Transport Zone 2658 Church St Cremorne VIC 312104/10/2022
PLN22/0216Construction of two double storey dwellings40 Yarraford Ave Alphington VIC 307803/10/2022
PLN22/0255Part demolition and construction of a ground and first floor addition to the existing dwelling (Clause 54 not applicable).100 Spensley St Clifton Hill VIC 306807/10/2022
PLN22/0437Partial demolition, alteration and addition to an existing single storey dwelling1018 Drummond St Carlton North VIC 305403/10/2022
PLN22/0474Construction and display of business identification signage (including internally illuminated and high wall signage)79-89 Wellington St Collingwood VIC 306610/10/2022
PLN22/0498Partial demolition, alterations and the construction of a ground and first-floor addition with second-floor roof terrace to an existing dwelling60 Davison St Richmond VIC 312103/10/2022
PLN22/0542Partial demolition of the existing dwelling, construction of a ground and first floor extension and the removal of an easement659 Canning St Carlton North VIC 305403/10/2022
PLN18/0971.01Section 72 Amendment to Planning Permit PLN18/0971 to remove overlooking screening to the north side of the rear first floor roof garden38 Westgarth St Fitzroy VIC 306513/10/2022
PLN22/0545Part demolition of the existing dwelling, external alterations and the construction of a ground and first floor extension6 Bliss St Richmond VIC 312103/10/2022
PLN22/0550Partial demolition of the existing dwelling, external alterations and construction of a ground floor extension96 Bowen Cres Princes Hill VIC 305403/10/2022
PLN21/0848.01Section 72 amendment to the permit and plans to extend the red line area, allowing for the sale and consumption of liquor, to the existing first floor. No change to the permitted patrons or hours is proposed.Albion Hotel 314 Smith St Collingwood VIC 306603/10/2022
PLN22/0620Partial demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of a ground floor extension and first floor addition24 Elm Gr Richmond VIC 312106/10/2022

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