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The following lists all advertised planning permit applications in the City of Yarra.

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Council ReferenceProposalAddressAdv Completion
PLN15/0927.01Amendment to planning permit PLN15/0927 including: deletion of rear car stacker and an associated additional reduction of car parking; internal and external building changes including deletion of the chamfer to the southern wall of dwelling 3 first floor dining/living room, resulting in an increase to the building size; and deletion of conditions 1o, 1u, 7 and 8 relating to the car stacker and requirement for an acoustic report.36 Adam St Burnley VIC 312104/07/2022
PLN21/0706.01Section 72 Amendment to Planning Permit PLN21/0706 to allow for buildings and works and the construction and display of business identification signage associated with the approved office use. The application is being re-advertised as the application has been amended pursuant to Section 57A of the Act. The changes include the construction of an elevated roof structure (clerestory) and modifications to business identification signage (number of signs reduced and signs to be illuminated (backlit)).1-13 Oxford St Collingwood VIC 306628/06/2022
PL07/1125.01Section 72 Amendment to Planning Permit PL07/1125 to delete permit condition 2 (requiring screening of services)35 Spencer Pl Richmond VIC 312104/07/2022
PLN22/0014Construction of a multi storey (8-storey) building for the use as a food and drinks premises (restaurant) and office (no permit required for the uses) and a reduction in the statutory car parking requirement441-443 Church St Richmond VIC 312130/06/2022
PLN22/0025Development of the land for structural changes and the construction first floor addition (including a roof terrace) to the existing dwelling.9A Cutter St Richmond VIC 312104/07/2022
PLN22/0032Sale and consumption of liquor (General Licence) associated with use of the land as a 141-patron cafe, including a reduction in the car parking requirement of the Yarra Planning Scheme. The proposed cafe operating hours are Monday to Saturday: 7.30am to 12.00am (midnight) and Sunday: 9.00am to 11.00pm. The proposed licensed hours are Monday to Saturday: 9.00am to 12.00am (midnight), Sunday: 10.00am to 11.00pm and Good Friday & Anzac Day 10.00am to 12.00am (midnight)511 Victoria St Abbotsford VIC 306707/07/2022
PLN20/0251.01Section 72 Amendment to retrospectively apply for full demolition, an amendment the Conservation Management Plan to allow for the complete dismantle and removal of the dwelling for re-installation, the southern boundary wall set off the boundary by 110mm and a reduction to the car parking requirements of the Yarra Planning Scheme.23 Campbell St Collingwood VIC 306628/06/2022
PLN20/0810.01Amendment to change window and openings in exterior walls configurations and associated changes to permit conditions.4 Budd St Collingwood VIC 306627/06/2022
PLN22/0097Partial demolition to the existing dwelling for the construction of a double-storey extension.511 Swan St Richmond VIC 312111/07/2022
PLN22/0098Partial demolition and construction of a ground floor extension to rear of dwelling and new two storey outbuilding130 Clauscen St Fitzroy North VIC 306828/06/2022
PLN22/0122Demolition of the dwelling at No. 13 Peckville Street, and partial demolition of the dwelling at no. 5 South Terrace; removal/variation of easements and construction of a new double-storey dwelling (incorporating retained buildings).5 South Tce Clifton Hill VIC 306808/07/2022
PLN22/0130Partial demolition and construction of a ground and first floor extension to the rear of the existing dwelling136 Charles St Abbotsford VIC 306727/06/2022
PLN22/0147Full demolition of the existing dwelling for the construction of one new double-storey dwelling, including a reduction in associated car parking requirement.317 Pigdon St Princes Hill VIC 305427/06/2022
PLN22/0154Construction of a ground floor addition to the rear of the existing dwelling54 Butler St Richmond VIC 312128/06/2022
PLN22/0172The construction of a thirteen storey (plus two basement levels) building for office, restricted retail and informal outdoor recreation (no permit required for land uses) and a reduction in the car parking requirements.31 Cremorne St Cremorne VIC 312125/07/2022
PLN22/0185Allow for the sale and consumption of alcohol in association with a food and drink premises. Display of business identification signage, including illuminated signage.30 Johnston St Fitzroy VIC 306527/06/2022
PLN22/0190Partial demolition and construction of ground floor extension to the existing dwelling and outbuilding (office)3 Survey St Richmond VIC 312128/06/2022
PLN22/0209Use of the land as a restricted recreation facility (Pilates, yoga, meditation and counselling health club).Floor 1 458-460 Bridge Rd Richmond VIC 312104/07/2022
PLN19/0185.01Section 72 Amendment to Planning Permit PLN19/0185 to allow for modifications to the approved development (retrospective) including a reduction to the height of southern and western privacy screens (from 2.25m to 1.8m) to the first floor terrace; incorporation of a gate (intended for maintenance access to roof top services) within the western privacy screen to the first floor terrace and design alterations to west-facing windows and doors at first floor.139 George St Fitzroy VIC 306527/06/2022
PLN22/0273Partial demolition to the existing outbuilding for the construction of a ground floor extension, including a pergola.19 Bendigo St Richmond VIC 312113/07/2022
PLN22/0293Construction of one new double storey dwelling126 Lord St Richmond VIC 312105/07/2022
PLN22/0314Partial demolition and construction of a ground floor extension to the rear of the existing dwelling18 Mcilwraith St Princes Hill VIC 305411/07/2022
PLN16/0922.05Amendment to Planning Permit PLN16/0922 which allows 'Part demolition and development of the land for the construction of an 11 storey building (plus basement levels); use of part of the land for Shop, Food and drinks premise (cafe), Art and craft centre, Office and Restricted Recreational Facility (Health and Wellness Centre); reduction in the car parking requirements associated with dwellings, shops, food and drinks premises (cafe), art and craft centre and offices. The amendment proposes a reduction in total office floor area for the introduction of a new Restricted Recreational Facility (Gym, Health and Wellness Centre and ancillary retail) at ground floor (1533sqm) and a food and drinks premise (cafe) (75sqm). A reallocation of car parking spaces is proposed (total number of spaces unchanged). Minor buildings and works are proposed.1-35 Wellington St Collingwood VIC 306605/07/2022
PLN20/0759.01Section 72 amendment to increase the maximum building height by 200mm (from 5.89 metres to 6.11), including an increase to the north and south boundary wall heights by 200mm84 Wilson St Princes Hill VIC 305407/07/2022

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