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The following lists all advertised planning permit applications in the City of Yarra.

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Council ReferenceProposalAddressAdv Completion
PLN22/0777Amendment to planning application PLN22/0777 (9 storey mixed use development for accommodation, retail and office space) changed from accommodation (64 dwellings) to accommodation (retirement village with 84 long term residential units) and a reduction in the proposed office area and other associated alterations including increased upper level setbacks.422 Johnston St Abbotsford VIC 306709/10/2023
PLN23/0113Partial demolition (including demolition at 19 Dight Street) and construction of a double-storey extension to the existing dwelling (application amened to reduce the extent of proposed built from to the rear).17 Dight St Collingwood VIC 306609/10/2023
PLN23/0163Use and development (part demolition, buildings and works) of the land for a new dwelling within the existing building.Ground Floor to FL 1 51-55 Johnston St Fitzroy VIC 306505/10/2023
PLN23/0257Partial demolition and construction of a rear single storey addition to the existing dwelling65 Green St Cremorne VIC 312116/10/2023
PLN18/0350.01Application to amend PLN18/0350 which allows: Partial demolition and construction of a ground and first floor addition to the existing dwelling. Amendments sought under the application include (among others): • Increase in the size of the first floor balcony, including alterations to the external spiral staircase and material and length of wall on boundary/timber screening to the south-eastern boundary. • Decreased setback of the first floor north-eastern wall (to bedroom 3) to the north-eastern boundary. • Additional window to the north-western ground floor wall. • Increase in the roller door width to the north-western boundary.126 Michael St Fitzroy North VIC 306813/10/2023
PLN23/0310Part demolition and buildings and works including construction of a pergola over the existing courtyard and a rear cool room building66 Gold St Collingwood VIC 306620/10/2023
PLN23/0353Part demolition and the construction of a ground floor extension to the existing dwelling.74 Amess St Carlton North VIC 305419/10/2023
PLN23/0383Partial demolition and ground floor extension to existing dwelling (Lot over 300 square metres - Heritage consideration only)15 Dwyer St Clifton Hill VIC 306813/10/2023
PLN18/0700.03Section 72 Amendment to Planning Permit PLN18/0700 to increase the maximum patrons associated with the bar use from 50 to 70, extend the second floor terrace and construct a pergola.203-207 Bridge Rd Richmond VIC 312116/10/2023
PLN23/0446Partial demolition and construction of a first floor addition to the rear of existing building124 Nicholson St Fitzroy VIC 306516/10/2023
PLN23/0449Partial demolition and the construction of a ground floor extension to the existing dwelling.759 Drummond St Carlton North VIC 305420/10/2023
PLN23/0481Partial demolition & ground floor extension to an existing dwelling.43 Dwyer St Clifton Hill VIC 306806/10/2023
PLN12/0788.04Section 72 Amendment to planning permit PLN12/0788 to construct & display an internally illuminated sign, alterations to approved signage, external alterations, and changing the operating hours from Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 6.00pm, Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm and Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm; To 7 days: 10.00am – 6.00pm.51-61 Alexandra Pde Collingwood VIC 306606/10/2023
PLN20/0154.01Section 72 amendment to planning permit PLN20/0154 to amend the endorsed plans. Key changes include (and are not limited to): - Extension of ground and first floor into previously-approved lightwell on northern boundary - Increase to lengths of boundary walls - Reductions in setbacks - Increases to building height - Material and finish changes - Internal layout changes10A James St Abbotsford VIC 306709/10/2023
PLN20/0089.03Section 72 Amendment to Planning Permit PL20/0089 to amend the endorsed plans to include (and not limited to): • Increase the area of the first floor terrace • New skylight • Alterations to finished floor levels60 Lang St Princes Hill VIC 305416/10/2023
PLN23/0555Building and works for an upper floor addition to the existing dwelling.60/682 Nicholson St Fitzroy North VIC 306820/10/2023
PLN23/0569Use of the ground floor tenancy at 48 - 50 Gipps Street for the purposes of a Restricted Recreation Facility (Pilates and Yoga Studio).48-50 Gipps St Collingwood VIC 306609/10/2023
PLN21/0802.01Section 72 amendment to planning permit PLN21/0802 to modify the proposed ground and first floor addition, including changes to setbacks, length of walls, wall heights and an increase in the overall height (amongst other changes)590 Canning St Carlton North VIC 305409/10/2023
PLN23/0604Partial demolition and ground floor extension to an existing dwelling in the heritage overlay14 Bell St Richmond VIC 312120/10/2023

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